Sunday, July 29, 2018

CPU-Z APK 1.26 Free Download (Latest) for Android

CPU-Z APK Download for Android OS devices, Smartphones and Tablets. A free tool for Android Operated devices that has ability to identify your device's hardware information and reports information about your device hardware. This Handy application for Android generates a list of information about your Android device hardware. CPU-Z for Android App is developed under the banner of CPUID. It allows Android users to get all info about their Android system hardware.

CPUZ apk for Android

You can download this application for free for your Android devices, smartphones and tablets. The popular CPU-Z Apk tool download now for your Android system from our site. If you have Android device or phone with version 2.2 or above then you can install it on your phone. CPU-Z Android application is is best of all similar tools. It gives most exact results about your system hardware. This app works just like previously developed software for Computers. The best app for Android that gives instant information related to the processor, memory about device's main board, chip-set and many other info about your device hardware in details.

CPU-Z Tool generates the following major information about your device hardware:
It collects information of your device brand, model, the screen resolution of your device, Ram and device storage.
Details about SoC (System On Chip), architecture, core speed etc.
It helps you to know about your phone's battery; temperature, capacity, status, level, voltage and etc.

File Details:

Name: CPU-Z
Version: v1.26
Size: 1.4 MB
Format: .apk file
OS: Android
Requires Android: 2.2 & higher
Developed By: CPUID
Official Site:
Package ID: com.cpuid.cpu_z

Download Link: cpuz apk
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