Monday, February 26, 2018

Root App Deleter 7.3.0 (Latest) Free Download APK for Android

Root App Deleter download for Android. Root App Deleter is an application for the Android phones and devices, by using this application the users can able to manage system apps on their Android Operating system devices and phones. Download the application now for free and manage system applications on your device. Root App Deleter is one of the best managing tool for Android through which one can easily able to remove or freeze system apps on smartphone or device.

As we all know that system apps are the builtin applications on the Android OS devices and phones. Some of them are essential for the phone but left are unlikely consuming our phone's storage as well as slow downing our system. These apps cannot be removed or uninstalled from phone. Only they are removable on the device those are rooted by the best rooting tools like KingUser, Kingo SuperUser, Z4Root.

If your device is rooted you can able to do lots you things on your Android but uninstalling system apps may be dangerous for your devices.  So to mode system apps, freeze app or remove system apps safely you need a best System App Remover to modify, freeze and uninstall these apps with precautions. Root App Deleter App is such an application which will help you to remove apps which are not important for your Android, you may also use this application to freeze apps and modify.

Root App Deleter APK requires root access on your device. If your Android phone or device is already rooted then you can able to install and use this application on your device. Once you installed App Deleter App on your device then you can able to take control over your device and manage system apps in easiest with with Root App Deleter App for Android.

Features of Root App Deleter for Android:

  • Fully Control your Android OS device with this tool.
  • Quickly Manage Apps and System Apps on your Android.
  • Modify, Freeze, Uninstall System Apps.
  • Friendly Interface and easy in use.
  • Works with Rooted Android Devices and Phones.
  • Free App Managing Tool for Android.
  • Compatible with almost all Android Operating System devices and phones.

File Details:

Name: Root App Deleter
Version: v7.3.0
Size: 975.75 KB
File Format: .apk
OS: Android
Requires: Android 4.0 & Above
Offered By: TopDev
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