Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Advance Task Killer 2.2.1 APK (Latest) Free Download for Android

Advance Task Killer APK download for Android devices, Smartphones and Tablets. Download Advance Task Killer (ATK) for Android Phones and Other Android OS devices for free. Advance Task Killer for Android is one of the popular Android tool to kill applications and boost memory. Mostly it happens that Android devices runs slowly when there are too many background apps are running. And usually many hidden process uses phone memory by which our phone become too slow, due to this we can't able to use phone properly. Advance Task Killer APK Tool is the only solution for all this. Download Advance Task Killer APK for Android to Kill Apps which unlikely slow down Android phones and disable all those processes which covering/using your phone RAM. 

Advance Task Killer Tool is also called as ATK Tool or ATK apk. Advance Task Killer is the solution to killer/stop/close the running Apps of your Phone and will free the memory, increase the speed of your Android device. Note That-This App never use any background service like the other Task Killers available on Play stores. As the background services itself consumes the memory and processor speed. Advance Task Killer free download from the download link. Advance Task Killer download link is available at the last of the page, go ahead and download app for your Android for free.

How to use ATK Tool?

It is very easy to use Task Killer App. Once you download the Advance Task Killer APK, Install it in your Android device. Open it form your phone menu and look at the running Apps list. Uncheck the Apps you don’t want to kill and Tap “Kill Selected Apps” button, it will kill all checked Applications. No other Task Killer have features like Advance Task Killer Tool. ATK has an Ignore List for you to ignore the Apps that you won’t like to kill. From the main screen of ATK, press on the app for a moment than menu will pop up, select ‘ignore’ the app will moved to ‘ignore list’. 

>You can also kill Applications automatically just you have to choose one of level for Auto-Kill.
1. Low-Only kill the apps aren’t running but still consume memory. 
2. Moderate-Kill the apps running background and apps aren’t running.    
3. High-All apps except for apps you are using with.

File Details and Requirements:

Name: Advance Task Killer
Version: v2.2.1
Size: 97.44 KB
File Format: .apk
OS: Android
Requires Android: 2.3.3 & Up
Offered by: ReChild
Download Link: Advance Task Killer apk
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