Saturday, August 26, 2017

Greenify APK App v3.2.2 (Battery Life and Performance Optimizer Tool)

Greenify can Optimize your battery Performance up to 30% (2-3 Hours) more than your usual battery timing. It manages background application processes in such a way that they utilize your android mobiles battery as low as possible. Greenfy APK is available for both rooted and non-rooted devices. Run your Android device smoothly and freshly as like as first day you had it. It never let your phone to become slower and hungrier after installed lots of Apps. Greenify take control over the apps those misbehaving and put them into hibernation, when you are not using them. Greenify will also save your device battery and extends battery timing. This App disable or turn to hibernate all those Apps which are useless or unlikely using the phone's processor. It can help you to see the Apps which eat more power and put them to a sleep to save your device power.

Greenify APK Helps you to :

- Optimize Battery Performance up to 30% more than usual battery timing.
- Manages Application Processes.
- Both for Rooted and non-Rooted devices (Better for Rooted One's).
- Extends Battery life.
- Put Useless Apps into Hibernation Mode.

Oh now you must be thinking if its available only for non-rooted devices then why is in our List? Because Greenify works much better and gives more advantages on Rooted devices and saves more battery life or Timing. Greenify APK- A Best Battery Saver for Android is available for free download. Download now this popular Tool for your device and install, its matter of your phone performance.

App Details:
Name: Greenify
Version: v3.2.2
File Format: APK
Size: 3.2 MB
Offered by: Oasis Feng
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