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GameKiller v3.11 APK Zip File (Latest Version) for Android -

Gamekiller v3.11 APK (Zip File) latest version for free to hack the android online & Offline games with particular type of algorithms.One of the best app to hack and modify your favorite games.Game killer apk is also compatible in the latest version of android phones. Gamekiller v3.11 APK is most popular game hacking tool among the Android users because the users can use this app without facing any difficulty as the steps are very simple and responsive.Download,install it.Launch Game killer app & Enjoy.This apk boost up your game coins,gems by modifying memory through using simple technique.More than 20 millions of users using this tool,Game Killer is also most downloaded app which is not available on google play store.Please note that this apk app only works on rooted devices,to make it workable users have to root their Android devices.

How To Use Game killer:
Download and Install Game-killer latest version by clicking Download bar to modify and hack your Android Games.

§                 Easily find apps and games on your android devices.
§                 It can modify android games.
§                 Make a limited game unlimited with this APK.

Description for Using Game Killer :
1.               Download Game Killer apk with download link given at the end of this page.
2.               After complete downloading,launch the GameKiller from the menu of your device.
3.               Then minimize GameKiller, you will see the app icon floating on the screen.
4.               Now open that game which you want to hack or modify,play collect some coins,gems or score.
5.       After that click the floating icon,you will see a box there to input numbers,so put number of scores or         coins from the keyboard. 
6.       Now click the search button and let it for auto answer.A new page will open with some options,just           tap Auto identify.
  7.       Your coins will be double as you had collected in the game.Suppose you have 800 coins,inter 800 and                tap search,it shows multiple values in your Game and Enjoy.
Somehow  looks quiet confusing at the first but after sometime period you will see more easier.


Q1. What is Latest Version of GameKiller ?
Ans : The Latest Version is 4.10.
Q2. How to Use GameKiller apk?
Ans : Download the latest version of game killer from the link given bellow and install it on your device .
Q3. is it Necessary to Root my Mobile To Use GameKiller?
Ans : yes, Game killer runs only on rooted devices.
Q4. How To Modify Coins Using GameKiller ?
Ans : Open Game Killer > Tap Auto Identify > Select Data Type and You are Good to Go See Screen Shot Below For Detailed Explanation.
Additional Information
Name: Game Killer
File Size: 1.2MB
Version: v3.11
File Format: APK
Android Version: Android 1.6 or higher
Below are some older versions of GameKiller
Download Link For Version 4.01 : Download
Download Link For Version 3.11 : Download
Download Link For Version 2.0  : Download

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