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Z4Root Latest Version v1.3.0 APK Free Download for Android

Z4root is a cool android app that lets you to root your android smartphone in a very safe way than any other android rooting app. Rooting your phone is risky task and most of times you found your phone dead but z4root saves you from losing your phone in rooting process, all you need do before rooting your phone make sure to check either your phone is supported with z4root Apk or not. If your phone is in supported phone list then you are good to go, you can root your smart phone without any worries. Z4 root is a simple yet powerful android tool that roots your smartphone in just single tap (Click). Z4 root Apk is also known as Z4mod. The Download Link for Latest Version of this app is given below you can download APK file directly to your phone from the Below Download Link.


This App comes with two one click root options, Permanent Root and Temporary Root option. If you want to root your android phone for a specific period and want to unroot later then you must go for temporary root option and if you want to root your phone forever then Permanent Root option will help. Rooting your Phone has many advantages as well as disadvantages, by default the manufacturer of your phone company has set some limitations in your phone if you root your phone you will gain access to all of its features and you can install any app with root access on your phone. Rooting your phone also has some cons if you root your phone you won’t be able to claim warranty of your phone and you won’t be able to get any updates from your smartphone manufacturer, and rooting your phone may cause security and stability problems on your smartphone or tablet. We are encouraging you to root your phone the decision is entirely up to you we suggest you to only root your phone if you know it’s pro and cons very well and you can handle your phone later. If you are new to this process and don’t know its pro and cons we have stated them below read carefully.

Rooting your Phone PRO and CON’s;



You will gain access to all of your phone’s Hidden features
You won’t be receive any updates from manufacturer of your phone
You can install any root apps on your phone i.e. Titanium backup, Leo Playcard, GameKiller and GameGuardian.
You won’t be able to claim your phones warranty.
You can Boost your Phone Capabilities i.e. Battery Life and Sound
Rooting your phone can cause many security issues on your phone.
You can create strong backups on your Phone.
Your Phone may have stability isssues.
You can install custom ROM’s on your phone to improve your phones capabilities
Your Phone will have Higher Risk of Viruses and Spams.
You can Free up your Phone Memory by removing built in apps.
Sometimes in process of rooting phone may become dead.
Run Special Apps
Poor Performance; some users face poor performance in phone after rooting.

These were the pro and cons of rooting your phone now if it’s up to you. By reading above paragraph now you know what suits better for you and if you have made up your mind for rooting your phone than we have Z4root APK is our list for you it is one the best and coolest rooting android app in market. You can download its latest version from our website; the link is given in download section.

How to Install and Use z4root on Android Smartphones?

If you want to install and use this great application then follow below steps to root your phone.
  1. Check your Phone Model if it’s supported by Z4 root APP the supported phone list is below.
  2. If your Phone is listed in supported devices download the latest version from above download button the app will download directly to your phone.
  3. Enable Unknown Resources in your Phone; you can enable unknown resources from your phone > Settings> Security > Unknown Resources.
  4. Install the Downloaded z4root APK and wait in few seconds the app will be install on your phone.
  5. Now open the app.
  6. There are two options Permanent and Temporary Root feature if you want to root your phone temporary go for temp option and if you want to root your phone forever and want to access all of its feature then go for Permanent Root Option.
Z4root APK Screen Shot

Z4Root Supported Smart-Phone Models

Below are the Checked and Supported Models and you can use this app to root any of phone from the below list.
Samsung Galaxy S (All variants), Backflip, Sony X10, Xperia Mini, Droid 2, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy I5700, Galaxy 3 I5800, Droid X, Samsung Acclaim, Cricket Huawei Ascend, Motorola Cliq, Huawei 8120, Hero, G1, Optimus T, Droid 1, Garmin Asus A50, Motorola Defy, LG Ally, Motorola Flipside, Motorola Milestone 2, Dell streak, X10 Mini Pro, Smartq v7 android 2.1
If your Phone is not in the list then you should try these applications Kingroot 4.4.4, Kingroot 4.4.2 and Cloud Root.

Application Details

Application Name
Z4mod (also Known as Z4root)
Package ID
APK Size
955.4 KB
File Format
Supported Version
Varies with Device

Download Link

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