Sunday, July 30, 2017

Download Super Cleaner And Booster for Android SuperB Cleaner APK (Boost & Clean Android)

Download now SuperB Cleaner APK latest version for Android devices. SuperB Cleaner is an Android Tool to clean your device and boost your device by cleaning unnecessary background apps which makes your device slow as well as consuming your phone battery.Super Boost and clean can save battery timing and also extends device battery life.So SuperB is a small effective memory booster and battery extender.Download now SuperB Cleaner APK updated version to boost your phone and save battery power.It’s a powerful Android tool which make device faster by 50% and save battery by 20% and extend battery timing.Download Super Cleaner APK for your Android device.

More about SuperB Cleaner APK
SuperB Cleaner (Boost & Clean) is most popular and powerful tool for Android devices which can make phone faster than before and also extends your phone battery time.
Boost your phone memory by cleaning background apps and processes which unnecessarily covering your phone memory and slow downing your phone.
SuperB Cleaner prevent apps from auto restart and make phone faster.
How SuperB saves phone battery? After Boost device the battery extender save the battery power by closing useless background applications which unnecessarily consumes battery.
Its memory monitor shows the real time memory usage and shows the list of apps that consumes much RAM and waste power.So you can close app that you don’t want.
Sometime your Device leads to overheating it happens due to phones background processes and auto app launching.
The accelerator in SuperB Clean can detect and clean apps that consume device memory(RAM) and cause overheating.
So SuperB Cleaner APK is a CPU Cooler and can cool down Android device faster.

Additional Information
Name: SuperB Clean
Version: v1.2.7
File Format: APK
File Size: 5.65 MB
Supports: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API 16)
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